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  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide.
    Larry M.
  • Simply all you need to pass the test! There does not exist a better guide for any of the test in CA!  Awesome! I have used and recommended these guides for a long-time! They are the best for the Test!
    Joseph W.
  • The classes are very informative. The information given is what you need to pass your examination in a format that is easy to understand. Thanks P & L Marketing.

  • I passed!!  First attempt and I didn't even study the landscape maintenance portion. Great class.  Great teaching. 

    Thank you!

    David N

    David N
  • I went into this afternoon’s CA exam with lots of confidence and I believe I did well (85-90%, is my guess). We’ll see in two weeks. I got a lot from your class, not just the test taking strategies, but I felt like I learned something. You did a great job in explaining things!



  • The test went OK. I feel like I did really well on international portion of the exam. For the state test, I didn't feel quite so good about it.  It really seemed like the questions were written to intentionally confuse you. Anyways, we'll see.

    Thanks for the great class!


  • Thanks for All the info .Got an 87 on the test and received my QAC card. I definitely will suggest this class to anyone.Jack

  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide. Tom N.
    Tom N.
  • CCA International I should have passed for sure. The state was harder. I think where I lacked on the state was just the basic knowledge and understanding with in the industry. I was not nervous and felt i had a lot of preparation from the prep course. There was a lot of the same questions or basic knowledge questions from the course. I think understanding the basic knowledge of fertilizers and some of the conversation factors would have better helped me. I wouldn't have changed anything from the exam prep because I was adequately prepared from all of the readings that I had done prior. There was a lot of information for both international and state to know. 

  • I think the CCA class was very helpful. Unfortunately, I had an extremely busy work week and wasn't able to study on my own as much as I would have liked. I felt better about the international than the state. I will certainly let you know when I get my results.

  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide.
    Greg Dean
  • We will definitely be at the class,  I know it helped me a lot when I took my licensing exam a few years ago.  Thanks!
  • “Just wanted to drop a note that I took a test prep class from your organization on Sept 22nd in San Luis Obispo and got my results on Saturday.  I took the Laws and Regulations (123); Residential, Industrial, and Institutional (80); Landscape Maintenance (92), and Microbial Pest Control (75) and passed all 4 test (scores in parenthesis).  Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the preparation for taking these four exams."
    Joe M.
    Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • “I just want to say thank you for all the information I got from the class. Very helpful, my exam was much easier than I thought.  I did pass it with a high score. Thank you."
    Gustavo A.
  • "Just open the mail today it’s official I want to thank you for the extra help it was greatly appreciated and needed I look forward to many more categories and also accomplishing the CCA exam thank you again Paul I truly appreciate you going the extra effort to help an old guy like me."
    Paul K.
  • "It went well! I passed all three!  All of my guys passed!"
    Operations Manager (for a major pest control company)

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